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How to fix a broken heart | Guy Winch

A talk by Guy Winch shows us that a broken heart is a battle that can last a long time, but when thought about in the correct manner can be eased and overcome:

The human mind can be very strong and we can use it to great effect in our lives. We can overcome so much and come back much stronger after many a set back. But a broken heart leaves us unable to recover for much longer, and we cannot trust the usual intuition that would get us through. It causes such a dramatic effect and leaves us staggered much longer than anything else. We can even make ourselves much worse by thinking on it more.

We have recognise that we are going through process and try to ignore your mind when it tries to figure out the why of what has happened. It will be tough but not thinking on it you will remove the pain associated with it. A broken heart can go for a very long time, and bring on depression. Find the void that these situations give to you and fill them – find your voice once more and remove the thoughts which keep you pinned to the past.

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