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How to Finish What You Start

A video by Thomas Frank takes us through several tips to help us keep on track for our projects and to stop us giving up when things get confusing or too tough:

Will all have great ideas for projects and jobs, and begin with great energy and speed. But after some time, as the many tasks we need to complete within pile up we lose motivation and set our ideas to one side. This can come from having too much choice within what we need to do. With too many options comes confusion with what path to take.

Create limitations to counter act this:

1. Time limits and deadlines:
Having to make choices within tight timeframes by nature limits what you get to think about and makes you take a course of action. It can be great exercise in order to keep you on track and build up the habits of time keeping.

2. Scope:
Having a grand vision is a great thing, but perhaps it may be out of reach at this time due to needing more skills to complete it. Start smaller in your scope and build up to tackle the bigger things later on.

3. Tools:
If we have too many pieces of equipment in our chosen fields it can often cause the issue of which would be best for certain situations. Use less and expand your creativity as a byproduct of not having everything at your disposal.

4. Restrict your ability to undo:
When you have ability to undo your work all the time you lose the pressure that should be there to drive you forward and get you thinking more.

If you find yourself constantly leaving project after project behind try the out and see if the help you finish instead.

Video by Thomas Frank

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