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Probably the one most complex thing about getting into fashion or shopping for stand out pieces is figuring whether you like certain items due to what you’ve seen on other people or wether its on trend. here I will be giving a few steps to what I noticed aided me in building my own personal style and the confidence to step out of my comfort zone to dawn certain pieces.


One thing that i always focus on and try to take into consideration is my height and body type. now, this is in no way body shaming or telling people not to wear said pieces but just taking this step into account will help you understand how cuts and fabrics may fall on your body and complement you well. Remember, a full length mirror is your best friend. I can’t tell you the amount times I went out based on what I could see from the top down and left the house in a completely miss-proportioned outfit. For example for some who is of a taller height, wearing cropped jacket with skinny tight trousers or denim matched a stream line sneaker would leave you seeming more top heavy or as if the pieces don’t actually fit you. Try to even it out with a slightly wider cut for the trousers and maybe a shoe with a slightly chunky sole.


Definitely another step that will encapsulate 2 mini steps would be, let go of all brand loyalty, step out off your comfort zone. This will allow you to experiment and actually mix and match to truly claim your own take on trends or styles. If you are used to wearing oversized clothes try only applying a oversized outerwear to a more formal look or vice versa. If you’re into more of a streetwear and athletic side of fashion, try giving high fashion a bit of try, not just the brands but the look can be achieved for a fraction of the price of one designer piece. Try to put yourself into position outside of your normal surroundings. it comes down to the simple fact it would be extremely hard or near impossible to gain a personal style without taking this step and trying new things. What some people make the mistake in doing is still keeping certain experimental pieces that don’t really work with them just for the simple fact that its on trend in the moment, definitely try and stray from doing this.

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I’ve gone through many transformations in regards to clothes and styles that I’ve dawned to get to this point o having my own personal style, on that journey there people have always commented on pieces that i have worn. most people that have the most to say about the clothes I wear are never really fashion savvy or really understand the culture. This could also be due to the male fashion culture being somewhat still predominately new and growing. From people telling me to pull up my trousers, I look like a colouring book, “why am i wearing a dress?” to now where people will either question if I’m gay or straight because of my choice of accessories. I’ve grown to have thick skin and came to the mindset that people are always going to have an opinion on what I’m wearing whether they say things to insult and laugh about or whether they’re giving positive comments. You just have to look at like this, I love and I feel comfortable and like what Im wearing, PERSONALLY. Not “will i get IG likes for this outfit”, “will i get featured on a community IG page”, “will a brand notice me” Just wear it because you like it.


Because of technology these days people tend to get there inspiration from trends, celebrities or most commonly Instagram accounts. Some accounts will showcase a similar look which is popularised by music artist such as Kanye West, streetwear brand such as Supreme or strictly just sneakers. What I think you should try to do to broaden your spectrum is follow individual accounts, this will give you access to the follow different styles and not have your feed saturated with the same look. Follow people that you think have great style even though It coincide with the one your building for yourself and test the waters with patterns and colours that you wouldn’t usually wear. Instagram now has a new feature where you can bookmark and make collections which could help you organise a personal lookbook of styles creating a folder for different aspects, for example having a folder specifically for shirts that you like in an outfit and so on. Another thing I would say is to put yourself around people that are also into fashion, this way you can bounce ideas off each other and its always nice to get a second opinion from like-minded people.

Thats just a few guidelines that I personally used to come up with my personally style. The only other things would be time, but i feel that it goes without saying. Try giving these steps a run for a few months, document it on your socials. you can use the hashtag #BYNH to show me your progress too.

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