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How To Cure “Brain Fog” | 3 Tips for Mental Clarity

A video takes us through several tips to give us better focus on our goals and stop us doing the things that will hinder our productivity for our futures.

There are times when we want to be productive, but we never seem to have the ability to focus and get done those things that we know will push us forward. This can become a problem where we have a lot going on that needs to get done – but this fog which seems to block us when we need it least can be pushed away if we consider these 3 tips:

1. Overstimulation:
Our attention is being pulled in many different directions which split our minds all over the place, never being able to concentrate on one thing. To combat this we should take up meditation and concentrate the focus on one thing, and after time able to concentrate clearer in our everyday lives.

2. Subconscious Disturbances:
When we decide to put things off for later dates the goal will get stored in the subconscious, and the more we do this the more gets stacked up being thought about in the back your mind not allowing you clear thoughts for the present moment. We need to remove procrastination from our lives so those things we need to do get completed on time and also write down your goals so they don’t end up swimming around in your mind.

3. General Health:
Make sure you get enough sleep a night to rest your brain, eat healthy and exercise to keep both body and mind in shape. However, many of us know this and choose to ignore there benefits we will receive. Make sure you get into a habit of keeping good health, particularly exercising to see your energy levels rise and your brain focus.

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