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How to Be More DISCIPLINED – 6 Ways to Master Self Control

Thomas Frank shows us what exactly Self Discipline is and goes through his list of the 6 things that we should be doing to become more Disciplined for our futures:

– Focus on identity. Change the way you think about yourself to alter your actions and obtain your goals.
– Create Reminders. Remember the “why” in what you are doing and keep reminding yourself of this to keep you on track.
– Embrace the suck. Do the things you don’t like to do and build on them so you can tackle harder things in the future.
– Target the fundamentals. Make sure that you are handling the things that keep you going like exercise and sleep which will allow you to do more.
– Practice Zazen. Try out some meditation which can help you get into a calm mindset and reset you ready for more tasks.
– Build some habits. Start small and build up slowly going in the direction you need to achieve your goals.

Try these out if your not doing so already to build up discipline and take the action to change your lives for the better.

Video by Thomas Frank

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