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How to be GRATEFUL in your life – Gosia Scarrott

Gratitude is not overrated.

In moments when your life falls apart it is the most powerful energy shift you can give yourself to start breathing again.

We often may understand the mindset game, the power of positive attitude yet we forget about it when life still is challenging and difficult at times. Sometimes you feel you don’t have the energy to deal with it although you want things to get easier and to work out for you.

When you feel hopeless, lonely, vulnerable and inadequate don’t run away from it, numb it or pretend everything is cool.
Instead take a piece of paper and a pen right now today and write what things in your life and within you deserve to receive your gratitude.

You cannot be down and grateful at the same time.

When I am sad and in low mood this is what puts me back on track.

This is what reminds me of my worth and kindness toward myself.

Realistically I fall out of daily gratitude habit and that’s ok because it’s not about maintaining habits rather about your self- attitude when you get off track.

Noone is perfect, noone can stick to perfect helpful habits all the time because life gets in the way. Our priorities are changing, our circumstances are changing.

The only constant in life is C H A N G E.

Hence don’t blame and shame yourself when you don’t commit, when you forget, when you lose the mojo. Rather be gentle in that very moment and simply start from one small thing that makes you feel worthy and grateful right here right now. Then think of another thing, and another and another…

Gratitude doesn’t prioritize “big” things, achievements, accomplishments. It thrives on small details because those are overlooked by us.

Choose gratitude.

Article and Video by Gosia Scarrott

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