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How Do We Break The Habit Of Excessive Thinking? | Eckhart Tolle

In this video Eckhart Tolle explores the powerful addiction to thinking, offering a handful of ways to put a stop to thoughts and choose presence instead.

We should be more aware of the present moment which will slow the over active mind, and should also have items around us that will remind us to be more aware of this – as we can easily loose ourselves in the active mind at any time.

Thoughts can come from all areas and we must learn to allow ourselves to think when we need to, but then let those thoughts go when not needed and come back to the moments we are in. We can become lost on a train of thoughts which take us further away from the present before we even know it.

Once we realise the mind will try to bring more thoughts forward, you can react to them and make sure only those thoughts needed are the ones which arise.

Video by Eckhart Tolle

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