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A video voiced by Jim Kwik shows us how to overcome our desire to put things off and instead push us forward with the right energy to create and live the lives we have wanted:

We often procrastinate so that we feel better about ourselves – it makes us more at ease and comfortable in the short term. However, this can have lasting effects for your futures and soon turn the ease into negativity when you begin to look back at what you haven’t done.

Try these 5 tips out to avoid this feeling and push yourself forward to a successful you:

– Try to put off the putting off. If we are good at putting off things till another time decide to spin it around and put off the procrastination. Build up the habit of doing to avoid the nothing.

– Start somewhere at what you have always wished to accomplish. Once you begin, it is much easier to go all the way and complete it. Half the battle may be that you cannot get moving, but once begin you never know how far it will take you.

– Break down your main goal into smaller pieces. What you need to accomplish may look too big and imposing to do, but when you break it down it becomes much more manageable and easier to process.

– Be kind to yourself about not being able to complete what you need to do. When you feel bad about it, it can breed your negativity into not trying again. Be kind and start fresh, ready to win the next time.

– Schedule time for yourself and time for your work. When you have a plan you can effectively stick to it and know what you should be doing at each step.


– Find your why. When you have your why, you will find your passion and that in itself will drive you forward and procrastination will slip away because you will be wanting to see great results.

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