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GOSIA SCARROTT – To be yourself, be confident in yourself.

Can you be yourself without having the confidence in yourself?
My experience has taught me you cannot.
A few years ago I reached a point in my life where I felt lost, unhappy, stuck and unfulfilled.
On the outside, though, everything looked great. I had a well paid job, good career, holidays every year, friends, good relationship, money to spend on fashion and pretty much…all boxes ticked.
But I was unhappy.
I was not passionate about that life at all.
I missed the adventure, meaning and my identity in it.
Identity not defined by what I do, how well I achieve or how much other people like me.

The identity defined by different measures.

I stuck so I asked for help.
I invested in a coach and everything since has changed.
I connected with my self-worth and core identity.
I learned how to be true to myself by unbecoming what didn’t make me, me.

What I have learned in this process of becoming myself was that:
Fear is stopping us from being authentic, sharing messages and create value in the world.
We fear perception and we build our worth on perception.
The greatest remedy to that fear is the understanding of how you measure your self- worth and connecting with your core identity that goes beyond external measures.
This is what I found the most empowering way of helping women unfold that confidence and that leader within them.
I say Brave up, Be Visible and Own your worth!

That’s my story and my shift but as always I am interested in knowing your story, your transformation and your challenges.
So tell me what shifts and learnings your life experience has taught you that you can share today with us.

What has enabled you to grow your inner confidence and security in who it is that you are today?
Love & Lipstick,


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