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Give yourself permission to be creative | Ethan Hawke

A talk by the actor Ethan Hawke shows us that we must find our passions and never let them go in return for habits which keep you from what you love:

We need to be able to express ourselves and find the things we love. We need to hold onto them and enjoy what we do no matter what others think of us for doing so. It is doing what we love that we find happiness, and should not suppress this to fit in with others ideals. Make things that show others your love and you may just inspire them to find their own also.

Creation takes many forms, so do not feel that yours won’t fit into the world. Do what your heart tells you and you cannot go wrong. We all connected by life and once we embrace this we can improve the lives of many. When we get into certain routines we can become stuck – so hold onto your story and tell the way you want when you want.

Know yourself by following your love. Do what you want to do and see where it takes you.

Video by TED

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