By Gema Ramirez

Gema Ramirez

#1 Best Selling International Author at Love Unboxed

#1 Best Selling International Author at Love Unboxed, empowering and Training Women to Be the Conscious Leaders Our Beloved Planet Need at WOMAN 5.0 and "Coaching Solutions for the Soul" at SWEET BLUE at

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GEMA RAMIREZ – Paradigms & Open Hearts

Paradigms & Open Hearts

In this weeks video, No1 Best Selling author speaks about the paradigm shift in women and conscious leadership. The Empire of the future will be all that you can image and more, each person will be their own personal brand.

Each of us represents a different archetype of the woman today. But all of us, have one thing in common. We are doing this in order to contribute to the paradigm shift that is hapenning in our world today.
This paradigm shift is a change in consciousness, a shift in consciousness.
We are transforming as species into a better version of ourselves.
We are in constant evolution, but now the transformation is faster becasue of the negative effect that being stuck in the current ways is creating in the planet


This Evolved human being is a conscious person who has developed inner qualities like compassion, kindness, altruism, inner peace, unconditional love, unity consciousness, oneness, diversity and equanimity, among many others…

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  • Thank you Gema, your zest and enthusiasm is very uplifting.
    Looking forward to a wonderful New World where need is put before greed, and we can all live with love, tolerance, peace and equality.
    Safe journey to the USA.
    Love and Blessings.

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