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Gary Vaynerchuk | Don’t Let Ego Ruin Your Career

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how ego can ruin your career, why you should always try new things and how you can take full advantage of every single opportunity you get.

He tells us that the internet is a massive culture shock to us, and that the market decides the fates of us – not the awards we get or the education we have had. These are all good to have but you cannot rest of these to make you successful.

All of the secrets to make you successful are readily free and available to all via the internet. But the vast majority of us will never act on it. Those who have the drive to obtain what they desire will always go and find these, so become the 1% and aim higher than you ever have before.

Set your goals and prices for you, and do not let these slip. Make sure you get the value you deserve. Added to this we can learn so easily to advertise ourselves on a digital platform, and we must do so with a positive forward thinking attitude. If we use these platforms, along with a hard working attitude they will grow what we do into a great success story.

Video by Gary Vaynerchuk Fan Page

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