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FROM 70% TO 120% | Eric Thomas

A set of speeches by Eric Thomas give us the drive and power to become the success story we wish to be, as long as we are prepared to give everything towards it.

To be successful in anything you have to give your all in order to make it happen. And sometimes, you may have to give even more than your all in order to help out others – others who in their past given their all. Or their may be someone missing from your life, so you have step up and make ends meet. Push yourself past your limits to see the true cost of success.

You may want to compete for people in certain jobs and professions, but you’re not giving your all. They are living and breathing the world you want, so you have to want it even more to even be in with a shot. If you are not willing, you will never beat them.

Never think on the negative consequences of your aims, think on the positives to make them happen. The negatives simply hold you back, so don’t let them dwell in your mind. Have the will to see your dreams and the work ethic to make them happen.

Hold yourself accountable. Remember what your own personal goals are and aim for them. It is your journey, so make sure you are focused on the right things for you and not someone else’s dream, because you think that is where success lays. It comes from your passion of the skills you yourself possess.

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