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Follow Your Heart – Inspiring Video

A short video tells us that we must live the life we’ve always wanted rather than settling for anything else, and in doing so we will find happiness and much more.

We are often held back by the idea that our passions cannot be achieved because we can’t earn a living within then, so they become secondary to a job you hate and eventually those passions do not exist anymore. But doing this means we are never happy and just moving forward because we have to. If we decide to try and keep pushing to become an expert of our crafts we will not only be happy for having achieved the thing we desired but also make a living from it because we can provide this expert skill to others.

What we have to do is just start, build and make sure we are doing what we love. The rest will eventually fall into place.

We all have one life. Just one, this one right now. So make it count. Do what you believe in, and never give up until you have that one thing which makes you a better, stronger and more fulfilled person. Never settle until you find it.

Video by The Journey of Purpose (TJOP)

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