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Chrisy Alaby

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My name is Christine, (also known as Chrissy), and I am an Empowerment Coach and Inspirational Speaker who works closely with high achieving entrepreneurs with online businesses. I offer tailored 1:1 coaching programmes and group coaching, specific to confidence building and business planning, to enable entrepreneurs to achieve new heights of success both in their business and their personal development.

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Fall in love with yourself
Odd title right? Not something you read every day…. I find that a little sad, because it’s so important for the creation of a fulfilling and extraordinary life.
Why is it important to love ourselves? Well there is an old African proverb that says ‘if there is no enemy within then the enemy outside can do us no harm’.

As a global collective, most of us spend too much of our precious energy worrying about what people think of us. Because of this, we neglect our internal greatness and get overshadowed by the negative opinions we have about ourselves.
Therefore, we really need to channel those negative thoughts by building a really powerful and loving relationship with ourselves. Once we do this, the thoughts and opinions of others no longer becomes important, which will enable us to experience true freedom of expression, and make achieving what is most important for us in life more effortless.
So how do you do that, I hear you ask from the other side of your desktop (or phone)?
Firstly, become really mindful of the way in which you speak to yourself (you know that chatter box in your head that won’t stop talking : S).

Look at it this way, do you have a best friend that you care about and that you want to see grow and develop? Now, correct me if I’m wrong (via email ☺), but you would never tell them half of the negative nonsense (excuse my French), that you tell yourself to them. You would never tell them that they’re worthless/not good enough or smart enough or pretty enough… So why do we speak in such a toxic way to ourselves?!

Well there can be many reasons for it. Maybe in our childhood we were always told that we weren’t enough, or maybe we are always putting others on a high pedestal compared to ourselves. There are many reasons, but the first step to tackle this toxic belief pattern is to be aware of our thought process on a daily and moment by moment basis.

Now, sometimes you might feel that your negative thoughts are very innocent and are not really harming you, but it is fundamental to note that the subconscious mind works via repetition. Meaning the more we repeat negative thought patterns the more we belief they are true for us. And as a result, it can cause us to self-sabotage and miss out of great opportunities, as well as procrastinate on ventures that are important to us.

It’s like trying to grow a beautiful flower and not watering it every few days. We are simply not taking care of ourselves fully, and we are not feeding ourselves with the love and care that we need in order to excel and come out of our comfort zone.
To stop this, we essentially need to work on becoming your own best friend. So go on a mission to become your own cheerleader and your whole life will change. So many doors will open because you will be able to create an inner world that is safe, nurturing and exciting. As a result, you will become more and more resilient to other people’s opinions because you will already be feeding yourself with what you need to grow. You’ll already be giving yourself compliments, you’ll already be giving yourself those pampering days when you’re feeling low, and you’ll already be giving yourself those pep talks when you need to get back up again.

The process of self-love doesn’t have to be difficult, weird or uncomfortable. Simply check in on your thoughts on a daily and moment by moment basis and ask yourself – would my best friend speak to me like this? What thoughts will empower me instead?

So that’s a wrap. For now. But do feel free to contact me with any questions or enquires via or via my website

It’s time to live through the light and energy of your inner greatness and not your fears, worries, toxic thoughts and limits!

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