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Expand Your Imagination Exponentially | Jeff Bollow | TEDxDocklands

Our imagination is limited by the references we have now. The experiences, interactions and information we are given all add to the ammunition of our creativity. But how can we expand on this for the better?

Many of us think on a very standard plane, going through our everyday lives or even living in the moments of past. The Actor and Public Speaker Jeff Bollow tells us that imagination is key in bringing us to our futures. Imagination is key to creativity in all aspects of the world and can be limitless.

Ideas spark ideas.

When we create we often think in terms of good and bad. If we change these to effective and ineffective it posses the question of how to overcome the problem rather than just giving up on it. If we write, if allows us to fins more ideas by taking us on a journey of inspiration.

We are all different, and will each have our ideas of thinking and perspectives on situations. So share yours with the world to spark off everyone else’s for the benefit of all.

Video by TEDx Talks

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