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Everyone Has A Purpose

A short motivational video showing us that we all have something inside us that can drive us forward, and that something is more connected to us all than we may have realised.

Do not worry if you haven’t discovered your purpose in life yet – if you simply work on yourself everyday, to become a better person all round and be positive about the route you are taking your purpose will be found. Make sure that you keep learning and growing – read more, think more. Purposes do change overtime, but this is because as we grow we change the limitations of what is achievable within ourselves. When we strengthen our mental abilities we become successful in the process.

However, everyone has the same purpose deep down – and that is simply to be happy. We may all have different goals but we are all looking to be happy In the process of achieving them. These may be too materialistic so we need to strive for the happiness in life and not try to find it through the things we have around us. Don’t be too serious. Just be you and enjoy life to its fullest.

If you remove your bad habits and make finding your happiness the purpose in life you will become so much more fulfilled.

Video by Fearless Soul

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