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If you’re a thought leader, the easiest way to get your message out, build a brand, and make money is to create content on social media. It’s at the core of how I built my online business and today I’m going to share 7 ways that I did it.

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Alright… to the 7 strategies:

1) Have emotional commitment
You need to care more about your message. Every word you say has to mean something. You can have the best advice in the world but if you are not emotionally committed to the message, nobody is going to hear you. If you’re nervous while saying it, the message won’t connect. Do it again, and again, and again, and again, until the message is emotional.

2) Be consistent
Make at least one piece of content every single day. This is your starting point. Remember, the quantity leads to quality. The more you do it, the better you will get and you allow time for people to get to know you. I post 3 times per day on YouTube but even if going daily seems like an impossible task, build the plan for you to get there within ___ months.

3) Reply to every comment
Reply to every single comment across every platform. When you respond on YouTube people are 7 times more likely to subscribe to your channel. Engaging with current viewers and turning them into subscribers is the easiest way to gain a following instead of just focusing on getting new people to find out about you.

4) Test, test, test
See what’s not working and adjust constantly. Pick a metric or two and then test your content against it consistently to try to find a winning formula. For YouTube, my team and I look at subscribers gained and minutes of watch time for each series. We try out a new series for 3 episodes and if it doesn’t hit our metrics, we cancel it.

5) You + audience
Create content that you love. It has to first mean something to you. Then think about the audience. It has to be something they actually care about as well. Just doing what you love means you have a hobby. Just chasing the audience will never work if you don’t love the process. It has to be both. What you love and what the audience wants.

6 Collaborate
One of the fastest ways to grow any business is to find people who are already connected to your target audience and find a way to work together. Look at the people who are influential in your space and find a way to bring them value. The best places to start are the people who you’re already subscribed to and you’re a part of their tribe.

7) Evolve constantly
Entrepreneurs love doing different things. We like trying new stuff, experimenting, evolving. Make sure that as you evolve as a person, your content evolves as well. Don’t get stuck in a trap of continuing to produce content that you don’t resonate with anymore and allow the past success to be the chains of your future growth.

So there you have it! A high level overview of how to win on social media.

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