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Asking for advice as many advantages, such as brining you and those you love closer but it can also become very confusing. You find that you forget about your boundaries, and that you allow other peoples opinions, wants and needs to take over the goals you have for yourself.

Self help starts and ends with you, no book or piece of advice is a be all and end all, and frankly that piece of advice should be common sense. I don’t think I have ever been to a self help seminar or read a self help book that wasn’t giving me fairly obvious advice to begin with. I realised that I wasn’t looking for advice, I was looking for affirmation that I was doing the best thing anyway.

There is a rule that I have, it is called the 1-3000 rule, this means that if someone feels the consistent need (not a one off Ted Talk) to be seen by thousands of people, applauded and revered on stage but adoring “Fans” then that 1 person has a serious need for attention and IS NOT comfortable being alone, and unseen….therefore they are most likely way behind the 3,000 people in the audience watching them.

In the video below the guys from Bite Size Psych Debunk 4 of the most dangerous myths in self help today.

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