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Dr. John Maxwell – Do These 5 Things If You Want To Attract Better Into Your Life!

The Author and Public Speaker John Maxwell tells us of 5 Daily Practices that will help us out in our own lives, if we decide to give to others first.

If we help others in their daily lives and struggles to better who they will become, we will in turn help ourselves out. It is a constant stream of support that needs to grow for the good of all. The points are:

1. Everyday I VALUE People – If I don’t value people, I’ll never add value to people.
2. Everyday I think of ways to add VALUE to People.
3. Everyday I look for ways to add VALUE to People.
4. Everyday I Do things that Add VALUE people Practice: Everyday I take Inventory for 10 minutes: – Who did I add Value to today? Who did I serve today?
5. Everyday I encourage others to Add VALUE to People.

If your wish to be happy in this life, help and serve others by giving value to them rather than seeing what value they can provide you.

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  • lacked basic self-love as a daily practice and a commandment of Jesus to do them others but I am sure somewhere there is self-love in his teaching

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