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A video featuring Jay Shetty shows us how we need to think on ourselves more to find out who we are, and to not fear what we need to do in order to excel:

We need to understand who we are or we will end up losing ourselves and feeling like we don’t fit in the world as we should. If we do things to get by, but these things are not how we think or feel, we end up losing who we want to be. We become someone else – a person we do not like.

Think more on the ideas we have and see where they stem from. Use this to find your voice in life. Keep testing yourself and learning things to find out what you are passionate about.

We all have different goals and missions, so simply stick to yours and stop looking at what others are doing. Focus on your vision and make it happen.

Do not fear the paths we need to take in order to excel – they only slow you down. Use the energy that fear brings and move towards achieving your goals. Know your strengths and build up your confidence – your potential will show unlimited possibilities to success for you and others.

Video by Motivation2Study

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