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Don’t find a job, find a mission | Celeste Headlee

Celeste Headlee talks about how the majority of us do not like our jobs, and that we should disregard the term job and find what makes us special. Find your mission instead, and everything else falls into place.

We may be considering the wrong things when we apply for our next job. We think on materialistic terms such as money, but this does not necessarily makes us happy. Celeste shows us that there is really no such thing as “the dream job” – that sometimes the expectation does not meet the satisfaction when you do finally acquire it. You need to be aware of everything it entails and the hard work that will come with it to make sure you enjoy it.

Be prepared to try things out to see what really works for you, and keep searching for makes you happy. Find out what you love to do, that certain something inside which keeps you going. We learn through practicing so keep moving forward and find a job which leads you to your mission.

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