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Don’t Be Afraid to Fail Big | Denzel Washington

The actor Denzel Washington tells us that we should always follow our passions without hesitation, and lead the lives we’ve always wanted to.

We should always set our sights high even if it leads to a higher rate of failure. This is part of learning and will take you to the places you want to go in the end. Do what you love always and think in your own perimeters, not someones else’s. Do to this successfully however you must attach some goals to your dreams, so you have the focus and drive to get to where you need to be. Make sure you have direction planned out in stages and then your dreams will come true at some point.

All of this only comes from putting in the work to get it done. Otherwise those goals you set to accomplish your dreams fall flat. And be careful that you are not appearing to work hard, but actually achieving very little. Put your efforts into the things that will show accomplishment and further you as a person. What you want is out there, it always will be – if you really do want it.

If you do make it, use that success to show another the way. It is the only way for us all to create those things we love.

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