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A few years ago I was privileged enough to speak in front of 450 + entrepreneurs in Singapore, but i don’t say this to brag – I share this with you because of the extraordinary insight I had about how much more effortless you can make your life when you don’t waste the time you have doing things that drain your energy versus giving it back to you.

Part of effortless living – I have realized – is to to delegate what you don’t like doing to someone who loves doing what you may feel are not your strong points. Now, maybe you have heard this many times before, and possibly you are still wondering – but how do I delegate if I don’t have the finances to do so?

Before I was asked to come on stage, I was having a conversation about how funny it would be to get on stage and start the conversation with – “I am in the process of creating a powerful product, which has expanded my profile, while allowing me to leave a legacy!” And as we were joking around with regards to my pregnancy and this metaphor for effortless business and life expansion – it suddenly hit me – that pregnancy really is the ultimate leverage.
I sit back and relax, while the body does its job – I don’t even know what its doing…all i know is that its doing its job – while i get on living my life. The ultimate in effortless production!

As my attention went from my belly to using this as a way to live – the question that showed up for me was – where else can I make this happen for myself? And is it possible to do so with no or very small amount of resources?
And the answer I heard was “yes” it is. And I realized that it really is – as long as you know your value and you know where to look. If you know you can offer something of value to someone, in exchange for them to offer their value to you, then the value is exchanged – even if it doesn’t need to be financial.

There are sites such as e-lance, and o’desk that are crying out to be used so you can get stuff done by others so you don’t have to!

The important thing is to ask for the help! No matter how uncomfortable it may seem! Once you start you wont be able to stop!

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