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Discipline = Freedom

Retired Navy Seal Jocko Willink takes us through three principles to becoming a success and shows us that you have to take the harder path if you want your dreams to be reality.

He states that taking the easy path is much harder for you in the long run as they all lead to nowhere, and you must constantly start again to try and make something of yourself. And only by taking the routes that are the most challenging will you see the best results.

1. Discipline = Freedom:
Discipline is a great skill to learn as it will allow you to maintain focus and drive and remove any negative thoughts and excuses as to why you are not giving it your all. It comes down to you as person – if you have the discipline to get up each day and do the work that needs to be done your life will be so much more fulfilled.

2. Stay Humble:
If you can do the things that you really don’t want to do, but know you must to move onward in life you will find that more doors open up for you in the future. If you have the attitude to get anything done, and done well you will stand from the rest to whom it offends their ego. Have the confidence alongside this, but know your place and work hard in whatever you need to do.

3. Take ownership of everything:
Make sure that you are in control of everything that impacts your life, whether it is of your design or not. Do not put the blame on others when it goes wrong, and be there to fix anything when it does. If you want to lead, you must be prepared to tackle anything yourself and make sure you face the consequences of those actions, good or bad.

Be responsible for yourself and put in the work that only you can do yourself and you will able to do anything you have wished to do.

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