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Dana White | Greatest Speech Ever!

A video by Dana white gives us the inspiration to go for the things we’ve always wanted despite the restrictions we think we have holding us back.

You need to be ready to get up everyday and fight for what you believe in. You have the choice to follow your passion or let the world pass you by missing the moments that could lead you to greatness. Never be afraid to take risks on your journey – you have to try and make it better for yourself. Even if you try and fail, you can always try again until you succeed. To try nothing is the worst possible action of all.

There will always be those around you who say you cannot make it. Your dreams are too great and unachievable. And even when you achieve some positive outcomes you will still get surrounded by negativity. But it is simply an opinion from one person to another. Ignore this and focus on yourself – find what you love to do and work will not be work anymore.

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