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Creative thinking – how to get out of the box and generate ideas

A speech by Giovanni Corazza shows us that we may often find ourselves in a safe and secure place, but to create new ideas we must adventure out into the unknown:

Being inside your personal bubble will be safe and comfortable, and when we are asked to come out and give our thoughts on things it won’t be the same. So why would we risk that and venture into unknown ground? If we truly want to be creative we must push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and begin to think on why we want what we do.

What we know and experience around us makes us who we are, and builds up the walls of our box to keep us safe. However, when we take on anything new – some information that doesn’t fit with our usual ideals – we enter a new place that we may not understand. So many of us will decide to jump back into our safe areas and not explore the new.

Instead decide to take on the new and see where it takes you. Take on the adventure rather than hiding away and you will discover a new world of opportunities. Find new ideas by doing what you wouldn’t normally wouldn’t and thinking on things that would normally never enter your mind.

Video by TEDx Talks

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