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Confuse Them With Your Silence!

A short motivational video shows us that we need to focus on what is important to us rather than giving a false impression to people to make us feel better.

In this time many of us may feel the need to justify ourselves through words and saying more than we actually need to. We do this too perhaps to feel important, and to make ourselves feel better than others. We may want to feel important, or even get a negative response from people. However, we need to see that there is no reason for this, and that we control our lives and can use silence to better ourselves.

We can remove the bad and concentrate on the good.

When we know the times our words should be heard, it allows us to focus on what is truly important and only say what needs to be said. Don’t feel that you need to define yourself to others, let others define you from the actions you take which make you a better person. Breed the positivity which comes from it. Quietly work towards your dream whilst others just talk about it. Let people think about you whilst you quietly make your dreams happen.

Don’t tell – let people figure out who you are as you journey down your own path of discovery.

Video by daily MOTIVATION

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