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A speech by Col. Chris Hadfield gives us new insights into how we see the world and others, and that we should always see from other peoples eyes just as much as our own:

We are all facing battles as we progress in life, and we must understand that so we don’t assume things about people or simply focus on ourselves – ignoring the world around us and seeing a limited view. We are all in this together, where everything would be better if we helped each other and looked out for those around us.

When we share our experiences of the world with others we can open their eyes and give them scope to do more for themselves. Take the responsibly to part a little wisdom whenever you get the chance. As when you see the world from a different perspective than what you are used to, you can see new thoughts and ideals for yourself.

Decide to help, share and grow together when we can to spread love and fulfilment.

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