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Built Different – Motivational Video

A motivational video telling us that being different, and standing out from the rest as you work hard for your success is the greatest thing you could do in life.

You may often be looked at differently because you work different than the rest. You strive for your passion, and focus wholeheartedly on your goals. But to live on your own road is the greatest of things. To set yourself apart should be the mindset of everyone. Fight the fear that lives within us all – the risk of failure and what comes with it.

But this is where you stand tall from most. It is just another journey on your discovery of success. Don’t play it safe and easy. Don’t limit what you could be. Fight to find your full potential, it is within everyone. You don’t need anything special, just the dedication to work hard and keep pushing whatever is thrown at you.

Grow yourself as person, and make yourself better than what you were the day before. It’s not about beating others, it’s about beating yourself so each day you are stronger. It will take a long while, but that is the difference between those who strive for more and those who don’t – they put in the time to be different, to show that nothing will stop them.

Video by Team Fearless

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