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Brené Brown | 7 Super Tips

A video featuring Brené Brown gives us seven top tips to feel more comfortable about our lives and to give us strength to be the person we really want to be:

Establish Boundaries:
– Make sure you tell those around you what you find acceptable and what you don’t. If you never do this with people you will get negative emotions from your experiences with them and never get a true relationship.

Courage is contagious:
– Having the courage to do anything does not come easy, and does not come without showing a part of yourself you may want to keep hidden. Rise through the uncomfortable nature and make sure you do what you want without quitting. Perhaps others will see your journey and want to go on their own.

Let yourself be vulnerable:
– When we are labelled, put in a corner or generally put down we lose the ability to be vulnerable. When this happens creativity suffers, and we need to help people so they can be themselves and flourish from it.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable:
– When things get tough, ride through it to the other side. To make your goals happen and dreams come true it will take all you can muster to get through uncertain times.

Find moments of collective joy:
– Come together in groups about things you are passionate about, and meet new people within this setting to experience things at a level you could never achieve alone.

Being vulnerable is courageous:
– Vulnerability can be seen as a weakness of character, but is something required to progress. Being able to move forward and fail, but learn from it is strength.

Perfectionism does not shield you from shame:
– We can often use perfectionism to protect us from criticism and other negative aspects around us. We don’t want this, but have to use it so we can can become better people.

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