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Billionaires Do This For 10 Minutes Every Morning

Mel Robbins talks us through how we can motivate ourselves everyday, and how to make the big dreams we’ve always wanted start to come to life.

It all starts with a great morning routine. How you get up in the morning will dictate the rest of the day, and if it starts badly you will never have the momentum required to get things accomplished. So create a routine that works for you and gets you in the mindset to have a fulfilled day. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of time, but giving your mind the boost in the right direction will improve your chances of success greatly.

Many people will be scared to start that big dream they have always wanted to do because it seems to huge and therefore out of reach. This is the wrong way to think about it. Start small, and break down the dream into it’s lesser components. If you simply begin by researching the elements required, your mindset will be geared to learning in chunks and the dream will slowly take shape as you go. Take the pressure off, learn the pieces required and create habits from the passion of your dreams.

Visualise both the end goal, but also yourself on the journey to it everyday to make sure that one day it happens.

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