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Billionaires Do This Everyday! | Dandapani

An interview with Dandapani gives us the tools in understanding who we are and how to match our energies with what we want to get the most from ourselves.

If you are after something in your life you must understand what the frequency of that certain something is and match it with the energy within yourself. By doing this you attract the things that you want out of life. We are all energy and if we can match the frequency we want we find harmony.

Concentration is a key tool for understanding the mind and getting the things we want – As we can all too often let our awareness drift from what you want to something else. It is very tough in the modern world not to become distracted by everything going on around us but if we can be mindful of our focus we can achieve great things.

The same is said of rituals – you become good at whatever you practice, but do not let distraction become that thing you are good at. Turn the time you have into a practice of something you really wish to excel at. You need to understand yourself and how you are looking at the world, and then you can avoid the trap of procrastinating and instead concentrating on objectives to give you a better life.

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