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Before You Bury Your Dreams, Watch This | Ben Nemtin

A speech by Ben Nemtin shows us that even though our dreams may seem impossible, they are only limited by our lack of exploration and willpower to see them done.

Our dreams and passions can often be hidden under the day to day processes and work commitments we have – leaving what we really want forgotten. But we must never lose them, and think that they are unachievable. Never be afraid to dream big, as there really is nothing you cannot accomplish. It is within the constant battle to make things happen where you will see results.

To think about and keep your vision growing is a large contributor to its success. Whatever is happening, make sure that your focus never fades.

Ben gives us 5 tips so that we can always think about our goals, and also for others:
1. Write down your dreams.
2. Talks about your dreams.
3. Persist.
4. Take moon shots.
5. Give.

Inspire others to do what they love just as much as you should be doing it yourself. When you do, you will find that the inspiration spreads far and wide.

Video by Goalcast

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