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Mark and Josh from Success4 recently went over to America to meet some of the best podcasters in the U.S for a Mastermind Session, one of the Pro Podcasters that they met was the incredible Chris Burns who told us all about his 12hr Podcast that goes live on Facebook.

Chris’ incredible 12hour long podcast goes LIVE every Wednesday on Facebook. Its an amazing format which gives full on value throughout the day, with incredible guests and content all day long. Mark will be appearing on the podcast to promote Success4 and other projects in the next few weeks which we cannot wait to be part of .We also have our own podcast interview with Chris Burns coming soon which Mark recorded whilst over in the U.S and which will be available on our channel.

Below is a brief description of this groundbreaking Podcast Series.

Podcast Description
Welcome to Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self. I am Chris Burns, America’s #1 motivational speaker for FIERY inspiration and “GPS Coach” for entrepreneurs and high-achievers. We interview leaders, great role models, and people who are changing the world to help you master yourself, create your reality and make every day your best day ever! For more, go to

Also check out the podcasts on

Look out for Mark Daniels Episode soon, Live on Facebook.

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