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A short motivational speech shows us that we must think both on our professionalism and our happiness, as achieving both leads to the greatest results.

Hard work is very much needed to accomplish all your goals in life but you should always make time for being happy and being able to live life to it’s fullest alongside this.

Working all the time will lead to stress, which in turn will effect your work output. Want to do it, and be in the present moment able to commit to the task. If you become stressed you will not be able to complete anything properly and things will stack up. By being present you will be able to complete things more efficiently and then have more free time outside of work.

Remember what is important to you, and make sure that you have time for your family and friends. Make sure that you are remembered for being there for them, rather than being absent trying to make your millions. You can be successful in work and in your personal life, if you decide to see them both as equally important.

Do not measure life by what you can own. Enjoy life every single day and be thankful for what you have.

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