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Attitude of Gratitude

How often do you consciously practice gratitude?. Gratitude is a practice that has true power behind it that we all too often underestimate. Adding a daily gratitude exercise will transform your life. It wasn’t until I started implementing gratitude on a daily basis that my world started to change.

All too often the easy thing to do is to focus on what we lack and what is not going right for us. You fall into a victim mentality and that becomes the norm. For anybody that studies and knows the law of attraction you are fully aware of what we put out to the universe we receive back.
My old habits were along the lines of ‘bad things keep happening to me’ ‘I’m so unlucky with the circumstances that keep showing up in my life’ ‘I don’t have enough money’. If asked what I was grateful for in my life my list would have got to 5 or 6 things then I would have shut my brain off by coming up with the answer that is built in to so many of us ‘I don’t know what else’.

Fast forward to where I am today, in a solid relationship, speaking at events, multiple coaching programmes out and part of the incredible success4 team; I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t introduce the magic of gratitude into my life.

I want to share three key points around gratitude that if you implement from today you will start seeing results almost instantly. These are the three E’s of gratitude.

Emote – It’s not enough to just say or think what you are grateful for. If you feel the emotion of gratitude from the bottom of your heart and why you are grateful for it, it can move you to tears. If you’re reading this now think of the gratitude you have for the internet we have access to an abundance of knowledge online we are able to connect with friends and loved ones all over the world through the internet at the push of a few buttons. Feel the gratitude for it, whatever you appreciate, appreciates!
Extend – Feeling gratitude is so powerful when you are in that state of gratitude the next stage is extending it out to the world and others. Don’t keep your gratitude within, share see gratitude as a gift that you can share with others, it has a ripple effect and has the power to improve and even save what appeared to be relationships.
Exercise – knowing the power of gratitude is one thing but when you put it into action that is when you get to witness the true power. If you don’t already I challenge you to exercise gratitude write down 3 things your grateful for every morning when you wake up and every evening before you go to bed. Carry out this exercise for two weeks and share how you feel after this. You wouldn’t go to the gym a few times and expect to have the body you want for the rest of your life, once you feel the difference gratitude brings it is something you can put into a daily routine for the rest of your life.

Gratitude is a deep and powerful process, we are just scratching the surface here but implementing the above will improve your situation exponentially. It is impossible to be down and grateful at the same time so start and end your day in the right way, we look forward to hearing how you get on.

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