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Arnold Schwarzenegger 2019 | Motivational Speech

A motivational speech by Arnold Schwarzenegger shows us that we must stay passionate to the things we love, as when we love what we do everything can fall into place.

Have a vision. You have to have direction and focus or you will drift away from whatever is you wish to accomplish. Follow your passion no matter what happens – don’t let anything stop you or anyone tell you it’s not possible. If this happens it most certainly will become impossible. Make sure that you always do something you love. Find out what it is that drives you forward so you don’t lose sight of what really makes you come alive.

Don’t listen to the naysayers. Whenever you get that negativity from people, use it as ammunition to spur you on not make you give in. If you can think something, it can be achieved – all its takes is the dedication to see the tasks through. Constantly strive to improve yourself each day and slowly build up new skills to excel at anything you want. Organise your time and use your free moments to really make them count.

Make sure people know about what you are doing. Don’t think too much on a Plan B – make sure that there is no doubt in what you are doing and make that happen without a second thought. Don’t have a safety net, and watch how much better your results will be. If you fail, pick yourself up and push on. It is the only way to win.

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