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Anthony Hopkins – What’s The Meaning Of Life

The actor and legend, Antony Hopkins talks about how he perceives life and uses it as a tool to do everything he’s ever wanted to. He states that you must make sure to take the opportunities as they happen – there will be something in your life, a choice to make.

It will make itself clear. You must take it.

Life is too short to sit around. Keep going, never give up. Get out of bed, make your dreams happen.

A man who does not like to talk, but when he does, he always leaves a mark with his words. He is real, honest and motivating. He’s Anthony Hopkins.

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  • Anthony Hopkins is truly amazing, I totally agree with Anthony’s perception of reality and the meaning of life.
    100% attributes of a genius
    As outlined in several articles a very powerful man with words, their use and even more impressive that he expresses his views even from a young age.
    Touching words o the ear and mind. I hope to I’ll never give up just like Sir Mr Hopkins, an inspiration to us all!!!
    Thank you Sir.
    Warmest Regards,

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