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Gema Ramirez

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Finding balance and harmony will help you gain more peace of mind, tranquility and equilibrium which at the same time will help you perform better in whatever you do.
Harmony and balance are key to your happiness.

Without balance in your life, you will probably find it difficult to find peace of mind and fulfilment.

Without harmony in your relationships, your mindset, your work… your happiness will be compromised.

Reaching a state of balance is accepting things as they are. To reach balance, you must shift your mindset to be in a state of acceptance as well as growth.

Harmony is reached when you accept that everything is your life happens for a reason. This does not mean you must include in your life the things you don´t want, what it means is that, in order to stay in a coherence state of harmony, where the body, mind and soul function as one, you may have to accept things as they are, until they are not.

Let´s first see what happens when you go out of balance. Imagine yourself on top a step ladder trying to keep the balance. Balance will help you from falling down. Balance keeps you centered and you are more focused in life when things are balanced. At the same time, imagine yourself on that step ladder, nothing really is making you fall or lose the balance but your own mind. You feel you are a few centimeters from the ground, therefore you immediately think you are in danger, your systems go into survival mode and you have to focus on keeping the balance. But really, you are not falling, you are just in a situation that is different than your normal, a few centimeters away from the floor.

As you have seen, your mind has a lot to do with the loss of balance. So the mind will need to be involved in regaining that balance.

It is your mind that tricks you into thinking that you are out of balance. It is doing its job though, because you know that as you are a few centimeters from the ground, you are in more danger of falling than you were before, so your brain in trying to protect you and warn you to be more careful than usual.

So balance is a state of mind. We know that now.
And it is a state of mind that actually helps us in life.

When you are in balance:
You are able to manage your emotions effectively and instead of reacting to them, you work through them
You are able to manage stress better
You enjoy more peace of mind
You have more clarity
You become more effective at dealing with situations and people
You become emotionally, mentally and spiritually stronger
You manage your time effectively and juggle your work-life balance in an optimum way

These are some of the benefits of having balance and harmony in your life.

There are many simple techniques that you can start putting into practice now that will help you achieve more balance in your life. This simple technique will help you to regain balance and harmony in any situation, quick.

What is truly happening inside of us when we feel out of balance is that we have disconnected. We feel disconnected from the feeling of wellbeing, from the nature of love and peace and joy that we are.

A key step of reconnecting with that inner sense of harmony, of connection with our true nature, is to:

1. STOP: look at the thoughts that are causing you to be out of balance and stop engaging with them
2. DISCONNECT: from that estate that is not helping you and that is taking you out of balance, know that it´s just a thought that is causing you discomfort and disharmony
3. RECONNECT: with that inner state of wellbeing which is your true nature. Practice breathing, meditation, mindfulness, go in nature, prayers, whatever it is that you use to connect with that deeper part of you that is Divine.

Remember that your harmony and balance is inside of you. Don´t look outside for there is nothing outside of you that you have not crated inside.

See this article for further reading on this technique: 3 Ways of Dealing with Any Challenge

Harmony is the state of total coherence between body, mind and soul.
Harmony brings Peace of Mind.
Harmony is the language of the Kind Hearted.
Harmony starts with a smile.
Harmonious people create harmonious environments that create harmonious countries that create a harmonious planet. Harmony starts with you.

The greatest way of coming back into balance, into harmony, is allowing JOY to be your guide.
JOY is the best measuring device of your state of being.
A JOYful state of Consciousness draws things and situations to you that are in Harmony, because you are in FLOW.
You are in FLOW when you accept JOY as your compass, and when everything you do, you do it with LOVE. Then HARMONY is instantaneous and automatic.
More information on this subject on this video: Allow Joy to be your Guide

You can use meditation, breathing techniques, grounding, nature… a million things, to reconnect with your essence and restore your peace.

In order to connect, you may have to disconnect from the reason of your disharmony, from the cause of the unbalance… then reconnect at the level of the heart to your truth.

Asking your higher self, your inner guidance, your god/goddess within, the Universe… for support is also helpful. There is no need to suffer in vain and asking for assistance takes you through a shortcut to a quick resolution.

Having Faith that your balance is restored and that harmony is possible can also speed up the process.

Watch this video for more content on this: 3 Strategies to Stop Overthinking

– Harmony and Balance are restored when you choose Happiness
– Inside lies all the answers you are looking for to achieve more Peace of Mind
– Stop and breath and get centered… Disconnect from the thought you are engaging and Reconnect to your wellbeing
– Allow JOY to be the guide of restoring your harmony and balance
– Connect with yourself, with your Universe, with Earth, with all that that makes you feel full… connection is the balance you are searching for.

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Gema Ramirez

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