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Achieve more by doing less | Bethany Butzer | TEDxUNYP

We live a world where we are constantly busy, and must be in this state if we want to look successful and worthwhile to those outside looking in. So much so that it may indeed impact our health, and then in turn impact our productivity.

Bethany Butzer likens this to trying paddle upstream, moving forward but using so much effort in the process when we get to the top we are burned out – not useful for the next task that comes our way. She states it should be in the reverse, having the goal but heading downstream. Knowing the route to take and making your life easier in the process.

To do this we need to Identify your values so we know the direction to take. If you come up against a goal, instead of attacking it full force take some time to reflect on the processes you need to do and then make it happen.

So make a decision. If you feel that the choice you have made leads to effortless results you are on the right path. If it becomes a struggle, it’s time to try something new and get back on the other path.

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