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Go where you are accepted and not where you are tolerated

Talking to a couple of my friends outside the school gates this morning , it suddenly occurred to me just how much I adore them. They always listen to me, check to ensure I’m happy, they never gossip, always have my best interest at heart as I have theirs and they are super funny. They always talk kindly about other people and we have great laughs together . Not once have they judged me or brought negativity to my life. They accept me exactly as I am and I totally accept them. It’s an absolute pleasure spending time with them. They radiate positive energy .

I am very cautious when it comes to the type of people I let into my life and I invest a lot of time into connecting with people who add value to my life. That’s not to say I don’t accept and respect all people and their individuality.

I felt unaccepted for many years and interacted with people who brought nothing but negativity and anxiety to my life. It took me a long time to realise that our circle of friends and people we interact with have a major impact on our energy levels and happiness.

Some people will criticise you and put you down. Others will only like parts of you and tolerate the rest. We don’t feel good enough when we sense we are only tolerated. It can be very upsetting. It’s not a nice place to be in and those kinds of people bring no value to our lives.

There are people out there who will inspire you, help you grow and accept you for your individuality. Those are the right people for you to connect with. They will add value to your life and you will be able to be yourself around them.

I don’t see the point in surrounding myself with people who don’t see me for me , want me to change to suit their expectations and with people who tolerate me because I am a nice person. Call me greedy but I want to interact with people who like me, see and respect my value and not with those who see my flaws.

If you want to build upon your happiness, take time to surround yourself with valuable people. They will always want you to succeed, they will see your potential and they will encourage you to follow your dreams.

The people who tolerate you will always tell you that you should do better no matter how hard you try to please them. They will spot your flaws and at the same time forget to look at theirs.

Bring accepted feels good. If you can be yourself around your friends and family, you are on the right path. If you feel relaxed and empowered around your friends, they are the right people for you. Listen to your heart. You’ll never get rid of it so you might as well start to listen to what it has to say. It will guide you and you will sense where you feel comfortable and where you wear a mask and alter your behaviour to please others.

Go where you are accepted and not where you are tolerated . You will notice a significant improvement to your life.

Keep smiling.
Flavia xxx

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