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A simple way to break a bad habit | Judson Brewer

Judson Brewer talks about the need to be more curious about the bad habits we have, to understand what they do for us in order to slowly remove them from our lives.

We often get caught in the trap of rewarding ourselves with the things that are bad for us to make us feel better. This can soon become a habit and we do this all the time, leading to very negative effects for our health and lifestyles. So we try and force ourselves to quit the bad things and it never works. We know it is bad, but cannot kick the habit.

What we need to do is explore these negative things in depth to truly realise how much they effect and have a hold over us. Once we truly understand what we actually get from our habits we can slowly become less interested with them and begin to ease of from use.

We need to be more in tune with our bodies – if we are curious about what is going on inside we can explore what we should be doing to make healthier decisions.

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