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A Cure For Feeling Stuck

An inspirational article shows us the need to focus on bettering ourselves and not fearing that our actions will limit us in the future, but push us to new heights.

If you are feeling stuck it is because you are believing in your ideas about external limitations.

This places internal pressure upon you to make a change, while the change you want is happening and it’s lining up with your heart’s desire.

We feel stuck when we stop trusting that events are bound to work out our way and fall for fear-based ideas that we need to do more, that things need to be different than they are.

You will stop feeling stuck when you stop punishing yourself with ideas that send you into conflict with yourself and your situation. Trust your ability to do what you need to do without forcing things.

Trust flowing with the changes, flowing through the open doors of opportunity. Trust that the doors will open and be alert to recognize them when they do. Drop all thoughts that tell you that the doors are closed, that you may not succeed.

If you can’t do anything, be at peace, in feelings of security and trust and readiness to take action when you recognize the action to take.

You will never free yourself from feeling stuck by pushing against yourself or your situation.

Buying into fear-thoughts that torment you with the idea that you are not doing enough or that you are not enough creates the problem that you worry about.

Leave that problem behind and flow into the solution by rejecting ideas that incite insecure feelings of urgency. Resist the temptation to engage in a harried mode.

You become unstuck as you free yourself from feeling stuck.

Let’s say that you feel stuck financially. You wish you had more money to pay for things that you really want to purchase.

Drop the feeling of stuck. Relax and trust that the money you need will show up when you need it, and remain alert to notice opportunities to make it. Trust that you are perfectly placed in the present and that everything is going to open up for you just the way you need and want it.

All that makes you feel stuck is resisting the feeling of freedom! And why would you resist freedom? For only one reason: you don’t trust it.

You are counting on the internal pressure that makes you feel stuck and frustrated. But this internal state is all that makes you feel stuck and frustrated. While you say you want out of it, you keep yourself in it.

If it seems that another is pressuring you to do more than you can gracefully do, causing you to feel stuck, frustrated and insecure, what is really happening is that you are imposing this pressure upon yourself and blaming it on that person.

Trusting freedom sets you free and liberates the conditions that you want from being withheld from you.

During the divorce initiated by my wife of 12 years, with whom I have two young children, she impatiently demanded that I had no business grieving beyond three months. Imagine if I tried living up to that blatantly irrational expectation. Of course I would feel stuck.

I ignored her demands and let myself grieve fully and freely until I was grieved out.

Whose demands do you need to ignore? Ultimately, the only demands that can drive you out of freedom and into frustration are the ones you impose on you.

Drop worry about the consequences of not doing more and pay close attention to how you feel. Allow yourself to relax into feelings of inner peace and security, trusting that you don’t have to force anything for things to work out.

Become aware of the desires in your heart and trust that those desires are in the process of being fulfilled because that is how life works.

In peace you will see clearly what a good place you are in right now and fully appreciate where you are.

You are only stuck when you make yourself stuck and the only way to do that is to slip into the feeling of being stuck.

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