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99.5% Of Billionaires Think Like This | Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss tells us a few ways of getting into the mindset of a billionaire so you can have the focus and drive to accomplish anything you desire.

We need to get out of the mindset of thinking we are not good enough to do the things we want in the first place. Often in out lives we get told to go down a certain road because others are inaccessible, but this is not the case. If you change your thinking, you will change what you can do.

Setting low expectations sometimes can yield great results. If you are feeling like your passion is frozen and you can’t go further make sure you set yourself easily achievable goals at least you will be able to accomplish something which moves you forward, rather than expecting the world and falling short. This can also need to any increase in productivity as it’s get the ball rolling on your ideas.

You become small parts of the people around you. Surround yourself with people who have the same aspirations as you and maximise the creativity for all. Never bring people down on your way to the top, help them and make a network from which you can all build upon. Ask the right questions that build you up and aline with your thinking.

Having the knowledge is great for you, but you must act upon it to really achieve your full potential. And make sure when you do your tasks, don’t try to do them all at once or you will never finish any. Break them down, tackle one to it’s completion then move on.

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