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8 Habits You Should Practice at Least Once a Week

Thomas Frank takes us through his 8 habits we should be trying to do at least once a week to slowly improve our lives as we perfect many aspects of ourselves.

1. Text or call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Make sure that the people around you know you care even if you have busy lifestyle. Take the time to make another happy.
2. Do an all out workout. Make some progress in your physical nature by pushing yourself in what you can do.
3. Clean up productivity systems/remove entropy. Without care your calendars and to do’s will be become cluttered and no longer function. Make sure you tidy this ready for your week.
4. Do a quick financial check up. Dip in and see that all finances are up to speed and you are not in for any surprises.
5. Plan and lead a high density fun activity. Make sure you are doing things with your friends and family that will lead to wonderful memories, and plan it yourself t build up your skillet as a leader.
6. Create something for yourself, but not out of obligation. Make something for your enjoyment that is away from your everyday workloads.
7. Do something on your own. Have time with your thoughts and explore new ideas just with and for you.
8. Improve an existing process in your life, even by a small amount. Come up with ideas for your life that could make things easier, or take you on new paths so you are always improving and moving forward. The more small changes you make, the bigger the output in the long term.

Video by Thomas Frank

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