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7 Million Dollar Habits

Joel Brown takes us through seven habits which all successful people implement, which we can do also to obtain the lives we have always wanted.

Through his curiosity into habits Joel has talked to many individuals to find out what they consider the best things to do to build a lifestyle which will give the best results, and he found that the seven habits below are consistent with those who become very successful in their lives and careers:

1. Write your to do list the night before.
– Your willpower and mental strength is at it’s strongest first thing in the morning. So when you write out your list, make sure that you put down the most important, and most difficult task first then work your way down to allow you to complete everything you need.

2. Mind, body and Soul.
– Doing activities such as mediation, yoga plus physical activities like running and gym work to stimulate the brain and help us make decisions for our futures. Build a routine into your lives and stick at it to maximise your results.

3. Goal setting and visualisation.
– Make sure that you set both short term goals to help you get things done each day but also long term goals so that you can see clear a clear path many years down the line. See where you will be in those years to come and eventually it will slowly come true.

4. Gratitudes and positive self talk.
– Be thankful for the good times and experiences you have had on your journey to where you are now. This will get you through any negative feelings that come your way and make your remember how much you can do after this feeling has gone.

5. Self Development.
– Read books, go on new courses and find as much content as you can in the area you wish you study. Put in a few hours each day to this task and you will learn so much as you progress forward.

6. Networking.
– Meet new people as many times you can to find new opportunities and build a group which can grow together, help each other out and collaborate on new projects.

7. Meetings and Accountability calls.
– Find a mentor who can help you on your path and make sure that you keep in regular contact to keep going in the right direction and aid in focus and drive for what you want to accomplish.

Implement the above habits to grow and see where you can take yourself on your path to success.

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