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7 Mentalities That Will Make You Poor – Dan Lok

A video by Dan Lok takes us through seven mentalities that others, and also ourselves may adopt which we need to shake away from and enrich our lives in the process.

1. Poor in Spirit.
– Don’t let those who have failed bring you down and tell you something cannot be done. As long as you have the drive to commit to something, it can be achieved. People may haver lost hope in something but you can always turn yourself around and succeed.

2. Poor in Love.
– It is important to love yourself so you feel happiness and from that the strength that comes with it. If someone does not they can never share that love with others and grow as a person.

3. Poor in Wisdom.
– Being alert in any given situation is key to having a depth to your person and aiding others in their pursuits of discovery. Being knowledgeable is key to success, but having a richness of character will allow you create new opportunities for yourself.

4. Poor in Character.
– When you make commitments and promises to do something, make sure you follow through on them. Build trust and you will see many benefits from all around you. Don’t let people with fake promises hold you back from your dreams.

5. Poor in Habits.
– Decide to be focused rather than lazy, filling your days with procrastination. Build your habits up into full routines and decide to ignore those who wish you to join them in comfort over success.

6. Poor in attitude.
– Surround yourself with strong people full of positivity. If you associate with people who are filled with a negativity it will rub off on you and slow you down, even putting others off from talking to you about their aspirations.

7. Poor in Finance.
– Being money smart is key to overall wealth and success in the fact it builds skills geared towards that success. Saving and investing, and being smart around money leads to a positive outlook for your whole life.

Video by Dan Lok

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