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6 Things I Wish I’d Learned At 20 | Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma takes us through his six tips that if used correctly could elevate your life for the better now and take you to another level of success for your future.

1. You can play with toxic people or you can live at world class. But you can’t do both:
You may often feel that you are lacking in passion or creativity. This could be down to the people around limiting you and naysaying at every turn. You have to get rid of the people that steal your joy. Find those people in your life, and make the tough decision to take them out of your success equation.

2. Everything that happens to you is for your growth:
Remove the layers of fear and doubt so you can show your strength below. Once you stand above this you will see that everything is designed to make you a better person. Be aware that sometimes you will knocked down and be hindered, but this is all so you can learn and adapt.

3. When you own your morning, you’ll elevate your life:
Getting up earlier than the rest can really improve your overall outlook of the day to come. During the early morning periods you have the time to work on you, be that physical of mental. You will gain clarity, have the energy for the day and be able to tackle anything that hectic day will bring.

4. There’s a difference between being busy being busy and genuine production :
A lot of people will believe they are being busy as they do a lot of things but in truth are not achieving their true goals, or at best at a slower rate. If you concentrate on the few things that do really matter, and do them well you will save time for other things including further productivity.

5. It doesn’t matter what other people are doing:
You need to concentrate on your journey rather than the journey of others. Comparing yourself to others breeds a competitive edge that cannot be won, and from that comes negativity. Be true to yourself, and you be able to create unique works full of passion.

6. The most loving person in the room wins:
Remove the idea that being caring and kind will make you finish last. If you concentrate your efforts in connecting with people and bringing value to their lives it will uplift you also, be that your own personal life or your business.

Video by Robin Sharma

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