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6 Minutes to Start Your Day Right

A short video shows us that the key to a great day comes down to what you do when you awake, and with a little dedication can make you into a better person.

It’s up to you to control the tone of the day. You can choose to start refreshed and ready to tackle anything, or tired meaning you waste most of the day away then wishing you’d done more. So be positive about it and get up early, and as soon as your alarm needs you too. Never snooze and make that a habit you stick to as it will get you into the mindset or routine for other aspects of your life.

After this, create 2 priorities for the day – 2 things that will push you forward before you do anything else. Once we look to our phones and see what everyone else is doing, it will bring us down before even started and sap our drive away. Focus on yourself first, knowing the plan of action that will help you see results.

Get up excited, ready to grow and change as a person. Leave the lateness and tiredness behind.

Video by Be Inspired

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